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Flag Football San Diego Coaches Information

Why Coach?

Do you love football? Do you want to pass on your love for the sport to the next generation? If the answer is yes, then coaching might be the perfect fit for you! Coaching youth flag football is exciting and fulfilling, and gives you an opportunity to teach skills to a new generation of players.  Whether you’ve played in the pros, or never at all, we believe that anyone can be a successful coach if they are dedicated and passionate about becoming a good coach.

We value our coaches above all else, because they are the ones that decide what kind of experience the athletes will have with flag football. As an organization, we determine success by how many of our players return the next year. The more players we have return shows us they had a great time the previous year. It's our coaches who make that experience happen. We believe in positive coaching.  We want to teach our athletes that a positive outlook and attitude can overcome any obstacle on and off the field. 

Duties of a head coach:

  • Need to be able to work with kids ages 5 – 14 and teach them fundamentals of football.
  • Be reliable and able to volunteer for at least 1 day of practice, and 1 game each week. Most games are on Friday nights and Saturdays. 
  • Must be enthusiastic, patient, and persistent.
  • Have knowledge of football and its rules.
  • Communicate efficiently and positively with league officials and PARENTS.
  • Be able to deal with issues that arise, on and off the field, at all practices and games.

Coaching Resources

Interested in Coaching?

If this something you are interested in then please make sure when registering your child you mark the checkbox for coaching, and a league representative will contact you. Or you can email

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