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NFL Flag San Diego Sponsorships: Vital to the League and our Players

By NFL Flag San Diego, 03/18/19, 11:30AM PDT


Sponsorships form the lifeblood of the youth flag football leagues NFL Flag San Diego offers to interested youth across the greater San Diego area, particularly during our busiest times of the year, spring and fall.  Our leagues simply would not and could not exist without our sponsors and their generosity in supporting youth football in their local community. Even though youth sports are one of the most rewarding and best forms of recreation and physical activity for children in an era when sedentary lifestyles, smartphones and the Internet have contributed to a historic rise in childhood obesity, and the associated diseases which come along with this condition, youth sports leagues like NFL Flag San Diego require the assistance of sponsors to keep the leagues available and affordable for youth participants. 

As important as youth sports are to children’s development, particularly today, they are not free. It costs money in order to rent fields for games; obtain the liability insurance many facilities require for games or practices; pay the referees that ensure the safety of our young players at games and teach them good sportsmanship and the importance of being cordial with the opposing team; obtain the field permits required in order to play our weekly games; and a number of other essentials for running our youth flag football leagues. In addition, a number of our youth players are unable to afford the entry fees to our leagues, which means they would be completely unable to participate in our leagues at all if not for the generosity of our sponsors. Simply put, we could not do the important work we do without our sponsors. However, sponsors receive a number of benefits in return for serving as a sponsor, including valuable marketing opportunities to a segment of the population that advertisers are always trying to reach.   

More about NFL Flag San Diego and Its Youth Flag Football Leagues

NFL Flag San Diego is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization.  his means that NFL Flag San Diego has applied to and received approval from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax-exempt status. In order to receive this exemption, NFL Flag San Diego was required to prove to the IRS that its primary purpose was to foster amateur sports competition. This designation also means that NFL Flag San Diego is not operating its leagues for profit; instead we do so for the same purpose we stated to the IRS: to foster amateur sports competition. 

As a result of our tax-exempt status, all donations to NFL Flag San Diego qualify as tax deductible. NFL Flag San Diego is the largest flag football league in California that offers year-round play. Our leagues reach over 11,000 families through our newsletters, most of whom have disposable income they put to use, much of it to give their children further opportunities to enjoy themselves and help them grow. Although our first season was only in fall 2012, we have expanded our leagues to all four seasons and have had so much player turnout that we were able in fall 2016 to begin offering competitive and recreational divisions in most of our age groups to cater to players who were seeking different types of experiences. Therefore, our future is extremely bright and our sponsorship opportunities are likely to only continue to increase and the visibility and marketing opportunities that come along with them.

How Does Sponsorship Benefit the Young Players?

Sponsors make our leagues possible and, without them, our kids would not have the chance to participate in the fastest growing youth sport in the United States. The registration fees the players in each of our leagues pay do not cover the full costs of operating our youth flag football leagues, so we need to raise additional funds through corporate sponsorships. In addition, some children cannot pay the registration fees at all, and would not be able to participate without the generosity of our sponsors.  In such cases, our sponsorships are literally the only reason some of our participants can take part in the fastest growing youth sport in the United States due to the scholarships these sponsorships support.

What Levels of Sponsorship Are Available?

NFL Flag San Diego offers several different levels of sponsorship, depending on the type of commitment that an organization wishes to make. They range from a team sponsor at $275 to a platinum sponsor at $3,000 with three other choices (bronze for $600, silver for $750 and gold for $1,500) in between. Each level provides different benefits to the sponsor, but no which level you choose, you will receive valuable marketing opportunities to families with children throughout the greater San Diego area. Enlisting as a team sponsor will allow your company or organization to be listed on the NFL Flag San Diego website for an entire calendar year and will also earn your organization a commemorative plaque with the team name and photograph, while the other levels of sponsorship offer increasing opportunities for marketing your company or organization. Sponsors at our top four levels enjoy benefits like their names and logos displayed on team shirts, on banners that are featured in prominent locations during our games, a feature on our league Facebook page, and a prominent place on our website. In addition to benefiting our kids, these sponsorship opportunities all offer the chance to reach a valuable segment of the population and offers excellent exposure to companies and organizations.

Interested in Supporting a Great Cause in The Local San Diego Area?  Consider Becoming a Sponsor of NFL Flag San Diego!

If you are a business owner or an individual in the greater San Diego area who believes in the importance of staying active and in the San Diego area, then consider NFL Flag San Diego. More information regarding becoming a sponsor is available here. If you have any questions or your child is interested in participating in today’s hottest growing youth sport, contact NFL Flag San Diego at (760) 237-8278 or for more information today.