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Successful Summer League Capped off by Competitive Playoffs

By NFL Flag San Diego, 08/16/19, 11:30AM PDT


NFL Flag San Diego recently held the playoffs and Super Bowl for our summer 2019 league and we could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  This summer’s league featured both a ferociously competitive regular season in which all of our teams and our players gave it their best week in and week out and the playoffs were no exception. Every one of our players and teams gave it their best and the playoffs were not only fun for the participants, coaches and parents, but they enabled our players to showcase their individual skills and the teamwork and hustle they worked on all summer long.  The numbers of participants in our 2019 summer league increased by almost 50% over 2018, and we once again had a great season at every level of the organization, from players to parents to coaches.  We are extremely excited for the fall 2019 league, which starts in early September and promises to be equally successful.

The 2019 Summer League 

The summer league is one of the highlights of our calendar every year. It takes place during a time of the year when the days are longer and many of our youth participants are able to enjoy themselves more because they are not worried about an upcoming test for school or other issues that they may be thinking about during other times of the year. We had one of the highest levels of participation ever for one of our summer leagues despite that summer is one of the slower times of years due to families taking vacation or our young athletes engaging in other activities.  The playoffs this year were the most competitive summer league playoffs we have had at NFL Flag San Diego to date.  

The winning teams from each of the age groups in the summer 2019 NFL Flag San Diego summer league playoffs were as follows:

  • 5-6 years olds: The Falcons (Coach San Nicolas)
  • 7-8 year olds: Rams (Coach Kinman)
  • 9-10 year olds: Chargers (Coach Diaz)
  • 11-12 year olds: Bengals (Coach Litkenhaus)
  • 13-14 year olds: Ravens (Coach Kinman)

Each of these teams deserves special congratulations for having run the gauntlet of the best teams in their respective age groups and emerging from the playoffs unscathed with a championship trophy to show for their effort.

The Upcoming Fall 2019 League

Following on the heels of our summer 2019 league, NFL Flag San Diego’s fall league is always one of our most popular, with a large number of both our athletes who participate and a large number of teams that compete every year, year in and year out. We have over 5,000 young athletes and over 400 teams that participate in our leagues annually. The 2019 NFL Flag San Diego fall league will run from the weekend of September 6th to November 2nd with eight weeks of regular season games followed by playoffs and then a championship weekend.  

To offer the best opportunity and a customized experience to each of our fall league participants, our 2019 fall league will also offer each participant the opportunity to participate in either our recreational division or our gold/competitive division.  Each division offers players a different experience depending on what the individual player is looking for.

Players in the recreational division are guaranteed a minimum amount of playing time in each game, while the gold/competitive division offers an opportunity for more experienced players to test their skills against the best competition. No matter what your child’s experience or confidence and comfort level when it comes to flag football or organized sports in general, NFL Flag San Diego has an experience to match whatever your son or daughter is looking for in our fall 2019 league.  Competitive format play will be offered in the 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U age groups, while our recreational format will be available for our Pre-K through eighth grade age group divisions.

Contact NFL Flag San Diego if You Are Interested in Youth Flag Football in the San Diego Area

If you are in the San Diego area and your son or daughter is interested in participating in one of the quickest growing youth sports out there in California’s top flag football league, then consider NFL Flag San Diego.  Offering both competitive and recreational divisions in a variety of different age group divisions, our league guarantees every player a significant amount of playing time and gives players the chance to make friends, be a part of a small, tight-knit team and meet current and former National Football League players.  While requiring a minimum time commitment with practices only once per week and games once per week as well, NFL Flag San Diego offers year-round opportunities for children from kindergarten through tenth grade to participate in flag football. 

Registration for our fall 2019 leagues has already closed, but our winter 2019 leagues will open for registration soon.  Spots always fill quickly, so if your son or daughter is interested in participating, then you make sure to sign them up quickly.  If you have any questions or your child is interested in participating in today’s hottest growing youth sport, contact NFL Flag San Diego at for more information today.

  • 5-6 year olds: Falcons with Coach San Nicholas
  • 7-8 year olds: Rams with Coach Kinman
  • 9-10 year olds: Chargers with Coach Diaz
  • 11-12 year olds: Bengals with Coach Litkenhaus
  • 13-14 year olds: Ravens with Coach Kinman