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NFL Flag San Diego Player Leagues

Why Participating in NFL Flag Football is An Exciting Opportunity for Your Child

By NFL Flag San Diego, 11/20/17, 4:45PM PST


NFL Flag San Diego is a year-round flag football league with both competitive and recreational divisions that offers participants from the kindergarten through eighth grade the opportunity to join small teams in which players can build their skills based on a guaranteed amount of playing time, participate in a true team environment.  Available during multiple seasons that run nearly the entire year, NFL Flag San Diego is the perfect opportunity for your son or daughter to participate in a sport that encourages team-building, skill development and fun in an environment in which winning or losing is not nearly as important as the players’ enjoyment of the whole experience. 

Teams Are Intentionally Kept Small to Encourage Player Participation and the Building
of Team Camaraderie and Every Player is Guaranteed Equal Playing Time

Every parent has seen a youth sports team where the same players seem to be on the field for the entire game.  Whether it is the coach’s son or simply the most talented players, some children just seem to end up riding the bench for the entire game while the team’s star players get the opportunity to continue to develop their skills and share in the glory of a good team performance.  If some of the so-called less talented players are even given playing time, it is often in the “garbage time” at the end of the game when the game’s outcome has already been determined.   

This is not the case at NFL Flag San Diego.  At NFL Flag San Diego, one of our goals is creating a team atmosphere in which every player is guaranteed the chance to make a meaningful contribution to every single game, win or lose.  Teams are intentionally kept small, with between 6 and 9 players on each team, which helps to increase the rapport and team dynamic that is built between all of the players on a team.  NFL Flag San Diego also guarantees that players in both its competitive and recreation leagues will enjoy a minimum amount of playing time in every single game. 

NFL Flag San Diego Offers Leagues Year Round So Players Can Enjoy

NFL Flag San Diego offers year round opportunities to participate in flag football in the San Diego area.  Our winter season lasts for five weeks plus a championship weekend.  The spring season lasts for eight weeks plus the playoff.  The fall season, which just ended, lasted for eight weeks plus a two week playoff championship.  In addition, every team is guaranteed to make the playoffs, unlike in many other youth sports leagues, so your son will have the opportunity to not only participate in the excitement of the regular season, but also the playoffs, which is not a benefit offered by all youth sports leagues.

NFL Flag San Diego Offers the Chance to Meet Current and Former NFL Players

As a further benefit of participating in NFL Flag San Diego, participants in both our recreational and competitive divisions are given the opportunity to meet current and former NFL players due to our league’s affiliation with the National Football League.  For example, San Diego Chargers players quarterback Philip Rivers and New Orleans Saints wide receiver Willie Snead, in addition to other professional football players, were present at the 2017 Players Day for NFL Flag San Diego as reflected in this video from the event.  Therefore, by participating in NFL Flag San Diego’s flag football leagues, your child will also be provided with lifetime memories of meeting former and current NFL Players. This unparalleled access to elite athletes is a true lesson to our players that if you work hard, anything is possible. If you want to take it a step further, NFL Flag San Diego, with our sister company, Hard Count Athletics, offers camps featuring a NFL Player, who helps coach your son or daughter.

Interested in a Fun and Challenging Athletic Endeavor for Your Children in the San Diego Area
that Offers Year Round Fun?  Look No Further Than NFL Flag San Diego

If you are in the San Diego area and your son or daughter is interested in football, then consider NFL Flag San Diego.  Offering both competitive and recreational divisions in a variety of different age-group divisions, our league guarantees every player a significant amount of playing time and gives players the chance to make friends, be a part of a small, tight-knit team, and meet current and former National Football League players.  While requiring a minimum time commitment with practices only once per week and games once per week, NFL Flag San Diego offers year round opportunities for children from kindergarten through eighth grade to participate in flag football.  If you have any questions, contact NFL Flag San Diego at (760) 237-8278 or for more information today.