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Flag Football: An Opportunity to Make A Difference in Your Daughter’s Life

By NFL Flag San Diego, 12/18/17, 7:30AM PST


Many parents, used to watching college football and professional teams comprised solely of male participants, may think that football is just a “man’s game.”  They may think that even if their daughter expresses an interest in playing football, there’s no way she will ever be able to do so.  This could not be further from the truth.  Just because football has traditionally been treated as a sport that “only boys play” does not mean there are not opportunities out there for your daughter to participate in football. 

NFL Flag San Diego offers mixed-gender flag football leagues for both boys and girls.  Not only are our leagues open to female participation, but we encourage such participation.  Our leagues are designed so that every participant, no matter whether male or female, is guaranteed significant playing time in order to develop his or her individual skills, both on the playing field and as a member of a small, close-knit team.  This enables your daughters, many of whom may possess quickness or other physical skills male peers their age cannot match, to play football and not only be a participant on the team, but a full participant.  Our coaches in both our competitive and recreational divisions are required to play each player a majority of the game.  No matter which league you choose for your daughter, she will not ride the bench while the coach’s son plays the entire game.  In addition, NFL Flag San Diego has very comprehensive safety rules that are designed to help your daughter develop her confidence and hone her skills while staying safe on the football field.  Therefore, not only does your daughter have the opportunity to participate in football in the greater San Diego area if she would like to do so, but she has the opportunity to do so in a structured environment where participation, safety and teamwork are the focus. 

Why Flag Football is An Excellent Option for Girls as Well as Boys

Flag football like the recreational and competitive leagues offered by NFL Flag San Diego is a wonderful opportunity for your daughter, no matter whether she is in kindergarten or sixth grade.  By participating in flag football, your daughter will have the opportunity to develop the leadership and and teamwork skills that will be essential for future success on the playing field, in any sport, as well as in the classroom and at any future job.  Today’s employers value skills like the ability to work cooperatively with co-workers of different backgrounds with differing life experiences, points of view, skills, and degrees of experience towards a common goal.  This is a more important attribute than a degree from the best Ivy League college or any other asset or aptitude a job seeker can have.  Participating on a small team comprised of only five-eight other boys and girls like the teams offered in NFL Flag San Diego’s teaches both male and female participants how to work together to achieve success on the field as a team.  Our teams are intentionally limited in size not only to guarantee all players sufficient playing time, but also to teach teamwork.  Participating in flag football, with its emphasis on running, lateral movements and evading defenders reaching for a player’s flag also can assist your daughter in developing physical skills and enhance her athleticism in flag football or whatever sport she chooses to pursue later on.

Interested in a Fun and Challenging Athletic Endeavor for Your Children in the San Diego Area that Offers Year Round Fun?  Look No Further Than NFL Flag San Diego

If you are in the San Diego area and your son or daughter is interested in football, then consider NFL Flag San Diego.  Offering both competitive and recreational divisions in a variety of different age-group divisions, our league guarantees every player a significant amount of playing time and gives players the chance to make friends, be a part of a small, tight-knit team, meeting current and former National Football League players and participating in a sport that could land your child the chance to play in a nationally televised national championship game on ESPN in Orlando, Florida in the same stadium as the NFL Pro Bowl.  While requiring a minimum time commitment with practices only once per week and games once per week, NFL Flag San Diego offers year round opportunities for children from kindergarten through eighth grade to participate in flag football.  If you have any questions, contact NFL Flag San Diego at (760) 237-8278 or for more information today.