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Hard Count Athletics Training Program with John Bankhead

NFL Flag San Diego Participants Have a Great Opportunity to Improve with Coach John Bankhead's Skills Training Program

By NFL Flag San Diego, 02/22/18, 8:45AM PST


Through a partnership between Hard Count Athletics, the sister organization to NFL Flag San Diego founded by brothers, Chris and Greg Williams, and Coach John Bankhead, NFL Flag San Diego participants now have the opportunity to further develop their flag football skills through weekly, skills-based, position-specific skills camps. Participants have the opportunity to work with Bankhead at weekly skills camps that are progressive in nature, building each successive week on the foundation that was laid the previous week.  John Bankhead is a legendary coach who has worked with some of the most famous names in the NFL as well as numerous college football athletes who received Division I college football scholarships.  The program begins with a full evaluation of each participant’s strengths and weaknesses and then builds upon that foundation to help your son or daughter develop through rigorous weekly sessions that will assist your child in becoming the best flag football player he or she can be.  

The Hard Count Athletics Football Skills Training Program

Available for two different age group pairings, for children ages 7-11, and middle school/high school for ages twelve and up, the Hard Count Athletics Football Skills Training program offers participants the opportunity to receive position-specific training for quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, defensive backs, linebackers, offensive linemen, and defensive linemen.  The program begins with an individual evaluation of where each player from a skill perspective before then building upon each particular athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in a progression based environment where each week builds upon the progress achieved by athletes the previous week. The program’s position-specific training allows for a youth player to work on the skills unique to his or her position instead of the more generic team drills that he or she may engage in on a week in and week out basis at practices with his or her flag football team.  Participating in this additional training program will not only help your child to succeed, but will help his or her team to succeed.

Coach John Bankhead and His Coaching Philosophy

Coach John Bankhead has a long and successful history of working with some of the country’s best football players.  Coach Bankhead was a star wide receiver for Division II California Lutheran University. After finishing his college career as one of the most decorated wide receivers in Division II, Coach Bankhead tried out for the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Raiders and San Diego Chargers.  Since that time, he has dedicated his professional life to helping young athletes become the best they can be. Through his Bankhead Sports Academy, John Bankhead has worked with countless young athletes to help them develop their skills through training programs like that now offered by Bankhead and Hard Count Athletics. 

Coach Bankhead’s philosophy is that the most important key to success for young athletes is forming good habits, consistently working on proper technique, and developing the budding athlete’s body to maintain improvements throughout each year.   He believes that good coaching is the biggest catalyst to having success in these areas.  Additional training like that offered through the Hard Count Athletics Football Skills Training Program can benefit your son or daughter by giving them confidence to apply to competition and techniques to play at a level above their opponents. By placing your young athlete in a proven training program, a parent can avoid improper teaching, improve skill level, and place your athletes in a healthy competitive environment outside of the traditional practice setting.

Sign Your Child Up for Progression-Based Football Training

If you are in the San Diego area and your son or daughter currently plays in NFL Flag San Diego or is interested in football, then consider this progression-based training program to enhance his or her game.  Our NFL Flag San Diego league guarantees every player a significant amount of playing time and gives players the chance to make friends, be a part of a small, tight-knit team, meet current and former National Football League players and participate in a sport that could land your child the chance to play in a nationally televised national championship game on ESPN.  Our affiliation with our Sister Company, Hard Count Athletics, also gives participants in our league the opportunity to work with the biggest names in youth football, like Coach John Bankhead, to help your son or daughter become the best player he or she can be. If you have any questions regarding the Coach John Bankhead Training Program, contact Ebere at