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NFL Flag San Diego Coaches: Essential to Helping Our Young Athletes Develop Not Only Athletic Skills, but Also Character, Integrity and Other Valuable Attributes

By NFL Flag San Diego, 04/19/18, 8:00AM PDT


Among the many roles that we offer at NFL Flag San Diego for parents and other significant adults in our young athletes’ lives to become involved in their sons’ or daughters’ flag football experience is the role of team coaches.  This is arguably the most important role that such adults can play in our youth football leagues.  Coaches help our youth to learn the skills essential to achieve success on the field, but they are even more important because they serve as role models for our sons and daughters. Our coaches are the representatives of all the values that NFL Flag San Diego stands for.  Our leagues, and in particular each of our teams, cannot be successful without coaches who have the dedication and willingness to ensure that our young athletes understand that it is not just about winning and achieving the best result on the field that matters, but how you conduct yourself; winning with class is ultimately much more important than a team’s win-loss record.

We therefore have a code of conduct for all of our coaches, not that our coaches are under some sort of microscope but to guide them in helping our young athletes become the leaders, role models, and examples for their teammates, classmates, siblings, and friends that each of our sons and daughters is capable of becoming.  At NFL Flag San Diego, our goal is for all our young athletes to have success and develop as athletes on the field, but we take the development of our children and their character even more seriously than a team’s win-loss record.  If one of our teams goes on to win a regional or national championship, but the team’s coach also does not teach these young athletes how to work together as a team and win with dignity without excessive celebration or trash-talking opponents, then we have failed those young athletes.  That is why NFL Flag San Diego provides extensive support to its coaches in not only assisting them in developing their athletes as players, but also in developing as human beings.

The Importance of Coaches as Role Models for Our Young Athletes

Coaches in NFL Flag San Diego are there for all the games and practices and serve as the most important role models for our young athletes during their NFL Flag San Diego experience.  They teach our sons and daughters not only the mechanics of the game and the skills necessary to succeed in flag football but serve as much more than just a teacher of football skills to our young athletes. More important than any football skills that will help our young athletes succeed in their football careers, our coaches are responsible for teaching our young athletes how to work together as a team towards a common goal, the importance of giving their best at every game or practice no matter the score, and other essential leadership, character and additional important life lessons.  These skills will last with our young athletes much longer than any lesson they learn from a particular drill or football technique.  The skills of teamwork, perseverance, working together towards a common goal, and leadership that our coaches instill in each of our young athletes are all important attributes that will prove invaluable in the workplace, classroom, and sports field, no matter what a young athlete goes on to do later in life. 

The NFL Flag San Diego Coaches Code of Conduct and the Assistance Provided by the League to Our Coaches


Because we take the development of our young athletes’ character and integrity so seriously, we have developed a code of conduct for our coaches to help them in ensuring that your children’s character development always come first.  Coaches sign a pledge indicating they understand the tremendous responsibility they are taking on, and the NFL Flag San Diego coaches’ code of conduct is a commitment to serve as positive role models for the children they work with as well as the league. However, we do not simply make the coaches sign a code of conduct and then leave them without any resources to assist then in developing their players on the field.  Instead, we provide our coaches with an extensive coaches’ manual with sample plays, drills, and suggestions for developing their players as athletes and young men and women.

Interested in a Fun and Challenging Athletic Endeavor for Your Children in the San Diego Area?

If you are in the San Diego area and your son or daughter is interested in participating in one of California’s top flag football leagues, then consider NFL Flag San Diego.  Offering both competitive and recreational divisions in a variety of different age-group divisions, our league guarantees every player a significant amount of playing time and gives players the chance to make friends, be a part of a small, tight-knit team, meet current and former National Football League players, and participate in a sport that could land your child the chance to play in a nationally televised national championship game on ESPN.  While requiring a minimum time commitment with practices only once per week and games once per week, NFL Flag San Diego offers year-round opportunities for children from kindergarten through tenth grade to participate in flag football.  We also offer opportunities for interested parents and adults to become role models for our players and an instrumental part of their children’s flag football experience by serving as coaches.  If you have any questions, contact NFL Flag San Diego at (760) 237-8278 or for more information today.