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NFL Flag San Diego Playoffs

NFL Flag San Diego Playoffs: A Resounding Success

By NFL Flag San Diego, 11/16/18, 9:15AM PST


The NFL Flag San Diego playoffs took place over the past several weekends, culminating in a hugely successful Super Bowl Sunday on Sunday, November 11 at Escondido High School.  Despite the wildfires that are unfortunately currently affecting parts of California, our kids were able to get out and enjoy themselves on the field and compete against the finest youth flag football talent from around the greater San Diego area.  The kids from every team really brought their best and impressed everyone with their hustle and in particular with their teamwork.  Regardless of whether their teams won or lost, all the participants were winners for successfully making it through the season to the playoffs, and every team and participant should be proud of themselves for their success in the fall 2018 campaign.

This year’s playoff marks the first time we have offered a new division, the Silver Division, in response to feedback from our kids, coaches and parents to add a round of playoffs for those teams which may not have had as successful a regular season for whatever reasons.  The inclusion of our new Silver Division, which featured teams with three or four losses going into the playoffs, was a huge hit with the kids, parents and coaches and allowed more teams to participate in the playoffs than ever before.  The results were a rousing success, both in terms of the play on the field as well as the overall experience.  We plan to feature the division in future playoffs given the positive experience that the kids had this year.  

The Fall 2018 NFL Flag San Diego Super Bowl Winners

To cap the culmination of our fall 2018 campaign, our Super Bowl champions were crowned this past Sunday at Escondido High School.  All these teams, their coaches and parents deserve to be congratulated for a season’s worth of hard work, dedication and teamwork.

The following teams emerged victorious in the Gold Division:

  • Pre-K/Kindergarten: Cowboys from San Diego coached by Coach Hubbard
  • 1st-2nd Grade: Cowboys from San Diego coached by Coach Noonan
  • 3rd-4th Grade: Panthers from North County coached by Coach Kearney
  • 5th-6th Grade: Lions from Poway coached by Coach Flint
  • 7th-8th Grade: Saints from North County coached by Coach Flint

The following teams emerged victorious in the Silver Division:

  • 1st-2nd Grade: Redskins from North County coached by Coach Kearney
  • 3rd-4th Grade: Patriots from North County coached by Coach Paul
  • 5th-6th Grade: Dolphins from San Diego coached by Coach Wright
  • 7th-8th Grade: Vikings from North County coached by Coach Nieblas


Contact NFL Flag San Diego if You Are in the San Diego Area and Are Interested in a Fun and Challenging Athletic Endeavor for Your Children

If you are in the San Diego area and your son or daughter is interested in participating in one of today’s most popular youth sports in what has become California’s top flag football league, then consider NFL Flag San Diego.  Offering both competitive and recreational divisions in a variety of different age-groups, our league guarantees every player a significant amount of playing time and gives players the chance to make friends, be a part of a small, tight-knit team, meet current and former National Football League players, and participate in a sport that could land your child the chance to play in a nationally televised national championship game on ESPN.  In addition, our playoffs have been restructured to allow for maximum player participation.  While requiring a minimum time commitment with practices only once per week and games once per week, NFL Flag San Diego offers year-round opportunities for children from kindergarten through tenth grade to participate in flag football.

Although we have reached the conclusion of an extremely successful fall 2018 league, registration is currently open for both our winter 2019 and spring 2019 leagues. No matter whether your son or daughter wishes to participate in the winter or spring league, you can sign them up for either league now.  Do not hesitate, as spots fill quickly. If you have any questions or your child is interested in participating in today’s hottest growing youth sport, contact NFL Flag San Diego at (760) 237-8278 or for more information today.

Gold Division Winners

Congratulations to our Gold Division Winners who had two losses or less going into the playoffs! 

  • PreK/K: Cowboys w/Coach Hubbard (SD)
  • 1st-2nd: Cowboys w/Coach Noonan (SD)
  • 3rd-4th: Panthers w/Coach Kearney (NC)
  • 5th-6th: Lions w/Coach Flint (Poway)
  • 7th-8th: Saints w/Coach Flint (NC)

Silver Division

Congratulations to our Silver Division Winners who had three or four losses going into the playoffs. 

  • 1st-2nd: Redskins w/Coach Kearney (NC)
  • 3rd-4th: Patriots w/Coach Paul (NC)
  • 5th-6th: Dolphins w/Coach Wright (SD)
  • 7th-8th: Vikings w/Coach Nieblas (NC)